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  • How Do I Update My Pet Information?
    You can update your pet information and profile picture anytime. Log in to your account with email address and password registered. Next, click Pet Profile. Edit the information necessary and click SAVE & UPLOAD.
  • Will the pet tag arrive already programmed?
    Yes. Once you buy the pet tag, you must sign up and complete the pet profile. You will receive the pet tag ready to use.
  • Can I insert an image in the pet profile?
    Yes. You can add a picture of your lovely pet.
  • How do I create the Pet Profile?
    To create the pet profile, you need to sign up. Once you are registered, on the members menu select Pet Profile. Once you finish entering the pet details, click SAVE & UPLOAD.
  • What happens if I have more than one pet?
    If you have more than one pet, you need to create different accounts for each pet. For example, when you click begin profile creation for your first pet, click save and upload. Repeat the same steps for any additional pet. If you are going to edit certain information and/or detail in the pet profile, you do not have to click Begin Profile Creation again.
  • Do I need an app for scanning The Fiji Project tag?
    No app is required. Android, iPhone and any other smartphones can scan the pet tag via NFC.
  • Where can I buy The Fiji Project pet tag?
    You can buy The Fiji Project pet tag in our shop.
  • Are there any subscription or monthly fee after buying the pet tag?
    No, you do not need to worry about recurring costs.
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